What is the difference between SGS Original and SGS Extra Strength?

What is the difference between SGS Original and SGS Extra Strength?

Many customers have asked, 'what's the difference between the original and the extra strength growth serum?' Truth is, the core of each serum is pretty much the same, the difference is the strength of the oils added to each. 


The original is a castor oil blend with essential oils that promote hair growth, a clear scalp, and healthy hair. The original formula is soft enough for a child, but effective enough for an adult. Personally, I use the original, however before each wash day I apply the extra strength. Our Extra strength formula is stronger than the Original. The extra strength mixture is made with everything that I mentioned above PLUS an Ayurvedic oil blend that is used for serious hair loss cases, such as, stress induced hair loss, Alopecia Areata, and Postpartum hair loss. I've also added two Indian oils that are super effective in thickening the hair, and generating new hair follicles resulting in rapid hair growth. 


Both of our growth serums are effective in hair growth and hair health, the major difference is the strength of each oil. Extra strength was designed for rapid hair growth to combat major hair loss. Extra strength is not recommended for use on children under 10 years old, because the strength of the formula may be too much for a child. All of our customers love the smell of the extra strength oil, however to be safe, it is not designed for small children. However, our original oil is super effective, fragrant, and lighter than the extra strength. Our original formula can be used on children 7 months and older, as well as adults. All of our serums can be used on various hair types, from straight to kinky, our oils aid all scalps and hair shafts! One of our customers even used our growth oil to heal her nails and cuticles. 


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