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Almytee Refresher (For Locs, Curls, And Coils)

Almytee Refresher (For Locs, Curls, And Coils)

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Introducing The “Almytee Refresher” Mist for Locs, Curls, & Coils. This product is the best product to revitalize your hair in between styling. Some of its ingredients include Aloe Vera for its hydrating properties, Teatree for is antibacterial properties, and an herbal hair tea formulated by us to stimulate growth and promote a healthy scalp.

For Locs: Use before retwist to soften the hair. Use when hair appears dehydrated, or has been overexposed to the sun. Use to soothe the scalp when irritated or itching. 

For Curls & Coils: Use before styling wash & go’s, twist outs, or braids out. Use to hydrate braid styles & soothe the scalp when irritated. 

*This product was made in honor of my cousin Jasier who passed on in April. He was a lively teen, a creative, who could do everything from cut hair, to rap, to artwork at only 17. He called himself Almytee Sier & he was just that, ALMIGHTY! We want to ensure that his name will always live on and that he will always be honored in everything that we do. This one is for you, Sier!*


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